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We specialize in customized software development for all your business models. From the conception of strategy to execution to implementation and feedback, our services ensure your consistent success and growth.

About SB3 Inc

SB3 is a veteran in the software and services industry with over 10 years of experience. We also have extensive experience in Business Intelligence development – in verticals of TV, online and in Supply Chain management (food and beverage). We are a company renowned for the personal attention and care we give to each of our clients, whether they are large or small. We understand the limitations imposed by budgets and deadlines, and therefore we work extra hard to ensure the affordable and timely delivery of our products and services.

Also, our strong global presence puts us in a great position to handle the increasing challenges of our new economic environment. In this changing environment, there is a greater importance on the ability to grow your business – and we provide all the analytical tools that can make this possible. Our international presence allows us to efficiently provide and tailor these services to you and your business, regardless of your location.

We are proud to announce that we are a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited company. We are committed to continually evolve our software products to a highly improved level to help realize our customers their full potential and to serve them better.

What we do

One stop destination for comprehensive software solutions

We at SB3 are the most credible source for interactive and affordable software solutions. An IT enterprise with clients in all continents, flagship projects in several leading business verticals, SB3 has been tested and meets the criteria for the Microsoft “Platform Test for ISV Solutions” program, which is a premium benchmark for Independent Software Vendors, in the likes of companies like IBM, HP, Oracle and Apple.

Regardless of whether you are a start-up or a built up business, we will be cheerful to help you at any and each phase of the product advancement life cycle: from conceptualization, business examination and prototyping to the improvement and implementation of complete solutions.

Services offered:

  • Application Management Services
  • Web Technology
  • Testing Services
  • Infrastructure Management Services
  • Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management
  • Product life-cycle Management

Integrated Media solutions

We started out with working in the media and entertainment vertical, offering business intelligence solutions and operating fully integrated open systems for media houses. Our clients include television stalwarts like ESPN Classic Sports, MSNBC , Oxygen , FoodTV , HGTV , Fox News Channel and others.

SB3 is also the creator of the 3rd generation Media Business Intelligence System – AdTrack/NetTrack. The system has over 100+ reports and dashboards and has its operations in national and local markets by companies like Brighthouse Networks, Time Warner Cable and Fox News Channel. We have worked on major systems implementation with our Partners being the best in the world software providers like Broadway Systems , S4M and others. For over a decade SB3 has been helping media companies with their ad sales related systems, handling billions of dollars in ad inventories on a daily basis.

Services offered:

  • Programming and Rights Systems
  • Sales and Proposal Systems
  • Traffic & Billing Systems

The game changer, Supply Chain Management Systems

In the event that you go to a Supermarket and get a couple of things off the rack from gadgets and white products or even garments and take a look at the marks, the odds are that you will discover them having been made in China or Mexico. The espresso units you purchase to use for your regular use originates from Africa. PCs have been delivered out of South American Factories and Soft decorations on the racks are from India or Hong Kong.

With the above situation, you discover organizations obtaining materials all inclusive from different sellers to supply crude materials to their industrial facilities arranged in various areas. The completed products out of these distinctive processing plant areas then go through different chains of appropriation system including stockrooms, dealers to various nations or nearby markets, merchants, retailers, and lastly to the end client.

Many companies do not really understand what integration is and how important it is to their success. It is here we come into the picture. We help clients optimize business process and technology Systems within today’s complex and interdependent Supply chains.

With the help of our services, you can achieve:

  • More profits, Optimal Demand and Planning Forecasting, Capacity Planning, Production Planning and Scheduling.
  • More efficient execution of business activities across the organization. Products and materials in the right place, at the right time, at the right cost.
  • Better, Tighter relationships with trading partners

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